Water is an element in Ubisoft's game From Dust.

Effects Edit

Water can be absorbed by the player. Using Amplify Breath Power will greatly increase the storage capacity.

Water is affected by Evaporate and Jellify Water Powers, as well as Engulf All. Flowing water erodes sand, but not rock, meaning that where tsunamis are commonplace or where a river may break through the player, it would be better off building a wall of rock (instead of sand) to minimize damage. Certain water sources are silt-rich and will deposit sand before reaching the sea, forming deltas over time.

Water can also put out fire, however, that can be hard to do while fire spreads in an ever expanding circle. A good tactic is to use Jellify Water to place water over the fire.

Diasadvantages of WaterEdit

Natives are unable to access areas where there is water, from small puddles to wide rivers. Water will also restrict the creation of a village if water is close to a totem. Water can also destroy villages if it is placed on a village or if a tsunami strikes a populated totem.