Lava is an element in From Dust.

Usage of Lava Edit

Once placed on warm elements (such as water or sand), lava will solidify into rock. It is often used to shelter the villages from tsunamis, because rock, unlike sand, is not eroded by water [though if a water source is on the rock made by lava, it will slowly be eroded to sand]. It also, counterintuitively, makes a good material for diverting lava flows -- lava dropped in the way of (or even on top of) other lava will still cool rapidly into rock.

Disadvantages of LavaEdit

Lava can cause fires, which burns down vegetation and spreads to villages. Villages are easily destroyed by fires, meaning that lava should be used with caution and away from villages and vegetation.

How to Prevent LavaEdit

To prevent lava there is a special kite (or village power) that repels lava AND fire. This is really useful in most levels it is present, one of them being Movements where the lava pours in from the mountain sides. Do note that both Repel Water and Repel Lava can be used at the same time.