There are three key types of Knowledge that Natives can gain:

Tribal memoriesEdit

These can be acquired through cultivating the vegetation to encompass large proportions of the Territory (a single map). This normally unlocks two memories per Territory.

Repel waterEdit

2011-08-24 00002

A tsunami being repelled by a village

This remnant of the Ancients' knowledge allows the Natives to repel large bodies of water from around villages. This is normally the only way to survive a tsunami.

Repel lava and fireEdit

Again, this does precisely what it says. This is a very useful way of making sure that villages do not burn. When lava approaches a village, it is repelled in the same way water is, but if it is not dealt with, it is possible the village will become surrounded by rock. Fire, on the other hand, is simply put out when it reaches the radius of the village, therefore preventing it from burning.