Elements are the matter (lava, water and earth) the player can manipulate in the game.


Earth is the first element the Breath can manipulate in From Dust. Earth is used to build bridges across Water and block sources to prevent excess Water from accumulating on the ground. Earth can also be used to absorb plants that impede the Tribe's path, such as the Prickly.

Earth also has a sub-group, plant life.

Plant is used to relocate plants to different areas. The Breath is used to move Water Trees, Phoenix Trees, and Exploding Trees to different locations where they may be useful or less hazardous.


Water is the second element the Breath can manipulate in From Dust. Water is able to cool Lava into stone or carry sediment away to form new landmasses.

Water has two sub-groups, Pure Water and Sediment Water.

Pure Water is found in Oceans and Rivers where there is no foreign contaminant. It appears bright blue and glows brightly in the daylight.

Sediment Water is found in Rivers or Streams where Water is carrying trace amounts of Earth. It appears as a clear ball of liquid with a brown discoloration.


Lava is the third element the Breath can manipulate in From Dust. Lava is use to create stone walls and redirect Water into different areas. Lava burns villages and plants it comes into contact with, making it very dangerous.Lava has two different textures depending on which territory you go to. For example, the regular bright red-orange lava is mostly seen in territories with this element, for as in "The tears of stone" territory , lava appears to be dark red with alot of black rocks flowing in the lava itself. This gives lava a more "realistic" texture