2011-08-24 00004

Some grubs (they're a bit hard to see)

In From Dust, animals such as the planters exist when the vegetation meter has reached a sufficient level.

Any drop in the vegetation will lead to animals disappearing, as is notable with planters . Animals are more or less present for aesthetic value alone, and cannot be interacted with.

At the moment, the numbers of animals are extremely limited (only 2, the planters and the destroyers). However, it is possible that with sufficient sales, expansions may be made to increase the numbers of animals appearing on the map, and their importance and gameplay values.

Animals can survive tsunamis if there are a sufficient number of plants and they can also survive being underwater. They cannot survive touching lava or fire , and on occasion, if they're too heavily covered in dirt they will die as well. When they die their outer carapace turns white and then dissipates.